Coronet Minor paperwork

When I went to pick up this thirty six year old lathe there was more paperwork than comes with the average six year old car.  What make this paperwork even more interesting is that the company names no longer exist in their own right, having been bought out or amalgamated by the big names of today.  Coronet Tools for instance, bought out by Record Power.  Below is the credit note for the Coronet Minor.

After the Minor paperwork are some Coronet advertising or catalogue images.

If you need to zoom in on the images to view, click VIEW on your toolbar and select zoom.  The keyboard shortcut is CTRL + to zoom in and CTRL - to zoom out.

 Next is the delivery note with the items carefully checked off.

 The consignment and reciept note from BRS Parcels below

Coronet Tool Co advert 1950s 

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