Are you serious? 

I'm serious about the machines and not much else.

Can you supply a copy of a Coronet Minor or Minorette Manual?

Yes I can.  A good quality scanned and ringbound A4 copy of the Coronet Minor manual  will cost you £8.00 inc p+p within the UK.  It will be sent via First Class Signed For.  Outside the UK please enquire.  All requests to pete@boleynworkshop.com

Can you supply a copy of a Coronet Major Manual?

It's more or less the same as the Minor/Major/Majorette manual so yes but if you want something specific to the Major then I would suggest contacting Derek Pyatt at www.coronetwoodworking.co.uk where all manual copies are under a tenner.

How do the saw table sizes compare?

In inches:   Major/Majorette = 18 x 12 1/2

                       Minor/Minorette = 15 x 9 1/2

                       Consort = 19 x 13 7/8

Do you host machines for sale on this site?

No, as this is a recreational site I have decided to leave that to the professionals unless there are extenuating circumstances whatever that means.

Do you buy machines and/or parts?

Yes and yes. But usually only in a 60 mile approx radius of DT11.  pete@boleynworkshop.com

Can you supply spares or attachments?

Sometimes.  Please enquire to pete@boleynworkshop.com

Will you be renaming your workshop "The Olympic Workshop" in 2015?


Is this a West Ham site?

No. I just happen to be a long suffering fan of  40 years.

Do you know what you're doing?


Do I care?

Even less.



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