Inside the Boleyn 2022

Jan 2nd

Happy New Year to all Boleyn Workshop regulars (yeah hello mum) and any first time visitors to this website dedicated to the machinery of the Coronet Tool Company.

Some good news is that the Coronet Capitol planer put up for offer last year has found a new home already and is therefore saved for future generations of enthusiasts.  Thanks to Phil for that kind offer and it's always good to know that at least one other person visits this website on occasion.

Jan 13th

The first cribbage game of the new year nearly ended in a 0-5 home drubbing up at the Boleyn last week but I just crept home on the last leg to lose 1-4 benefiting hugely from the first take.  A five nil 'whitewash' would have meant the trophy going home to live in Marnhull permanently and I would have had to make a new one.  The holly boughs for the next trophy provided by my mate and oppponent have been seasoning on in the outside wood store for nearly three years now. At 0-3 down I was already contemplating ripping them down into 1" strips for laminating and turning into a new trophy but for now I was spared the embarassment.  In contrast to my card skills the fish and chips from The Forum Frier were superb, some of the best I have experienced in all my 58 years of eating battered cod  and chipped potatoes.  The best themselves being either those from the Jingling Lane Chippy in Kirkby Lonsdale or from an unknown chippy in West Yorkshire (which used beef dripping for frying) that I visited regularly when I was a driver's mate in 1983.
Enquiries to the website are of seasonal levels ie few and far between but I have had a couple of promises of photos for Readers Machines in the future.  An interesting email came from Italy where the second generation owner of a Coronet Minor is still using the machine in his joiners workshop that his father took with him when he emigrated in the early 1960s.

January 16th

Photos added to Yet More Readers Machines are from Richard in Verese, Italy and Peter from Thurrock, Essex.

Photos for Readers Machines always welcome.

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