This is a professionally presented paper on the dangers of construction dust.  An important read for those exposed to large amounts of dust on a regular basis.

This site is still being built but it is worth a look as Frank makes replicas of medieval instruments from quality reclaimed wood.   Frank turned up to buy a dust extractor from me and we exchanged details.

Ashley Power a supplier of bearings in Bournemouth, Dorset

Official website of Axminster Tools.  Their catalogue has probably everything you'll ever need.  Good personal service at their stores and excellent mail order service too.

The website of Derek Pyatt, the English Coronet Tools conoisseur.  

A useful general woodworking site by someone who knows the tools he uses.

A wealth of information about every lathe you would ever wish to know about.  Offers an interesting compendium on the Coronet Tool company.

Wow.  I am not worthy. 

A random inclusion purely because of a metal trolley an antique saw rests on in my workshop.

Website for vintage North American and Canadian woodworking machinery.

The online edition of an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable history behind one of Englands greatest manufacturers, Metropolitan-Vickers.

A huge amount of written information and pictures of old American machinery. In fact, a worrying amount. (yes I have size envy).

This man needs no introduction, he is the one, the only, Mr.........

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