Metropolitan Vickers 1hp electric motor

This old single phase electric motor was driving the Tyzack 10" table saw when I collected it and still is.  I never thought that it would start first time ( once I had remembered the sequence for the starter) and run as quiet as it does.  To start the motor you have to push the lever down into the START postion and then quickly yank it up to RUN whereupon it is held in place by a catch on the other side of the switch box.  To STOP you just release the catch.  Upon inspection the switch box had been rewired fairly recently and had a new capacitor fitted.  I do not know how old the motor is perhaps some one reading this can contact me to tell me.  I am guessing that it came from a different source to the saw table although they are both mounted on an WSM sewing machine trolley.  WSM stands for the Wimbledon Sewing Machine Company Ltd who are still in business and can be found online at this site   

In the photo below the switch box has beeen lifted out of position for inspection.  This is the front and the picture below that is of the back with the casing over the catch removed. 

The pictures above show the front and the back of the switch during inspection.   

A history of Metropolitan Vickers from 1899 to 1949 can be found here at  This online edition of the book is thorough and well worth a read if you are interested in the history of the company.  Looking inside the switch box the massive brass contacts are impressive and you can see the new capacitor and rewiring mentioned above. 

I will post pictures of the repainted motor and switch box when they are done probably  in mid 2010.  Yeah well the 2010 World Cup put a stop on that!   Maybe mid 2011 unless the Hammers go on a good cup run.  It's now 2012 and they did not but it still ain't done.  It's now 2016 and they've had an amazing season but guess what?   Is it done?  No.

It's now 2017 and restoration has actually started.  We will not be accused of rushing things here at the Boleyn Workshop.

And now it's 2020, the club is falling apart (thanks GSB which stands for Greedy Stealing Bastards) and is it still in bits on the store shed?  Yes. Note that it has been relegated from the workshop to the store shed. Oh the shame!

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Finally the restoration begins..
And continues..
And drags on..
And on..
Gradually it slows down..
before grinding to a halt.. And in the time honoured words oft uttered by  weary workshop devotees and  grimfaced men in sheds everywhere since the beginning of time "sometimes I wish I'd never started the bloody job."

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