S.Tyzack & Sons 10" table saw FOR SALE

 Below you can see the condition it arrived at my workshop in.  Nice eh?     Amongst the bits that came with it I was pleased to find the saw blade guard, cross cut fence (though broken) the rip fence and more importantly the rip fence rail which attaches to the saw table. It turned out to be a real gem.  Having sat in a barn in Paignton, Devon for several years, it was advertised as 'Free to Collector'.  I was the first to call and soon arranged to collect it with the help of a friend and his trailer.  It looked awful.  Heavily rusted and coated with the debris of outdoor storage it looked seriously doubtful as to whether it would ever be a functioning table saw again.  But at least I had had a cream tea on the way there and the way back.  Result!  And as restoration proceeded it turned out that this saw is indeed in good running order, a testament to it's manufacturers.  It runs probably as quiet as the day it left the factory.  See the pictures below for its progress.  I contacted a Mr Don Tyzack who runs a Tyzack website regarding this table saw.  He believes that as the makers name is on the front of the saw, in the casting, then it predates 1920 as saws manufactured after this date do not have the name on it. Here is the link to his site. www.tyzack.net

In the picture above you can see the condition it arrived in with added text from a disgruntled child that I have been unable to remove.  The text that is. 

Below are pictures of the saw after restoration. 

Altogether a very interesting and well preserved antique table saw in working order. Complete with rip fence and mitre gauge.  Make me an offer!

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