This is page where you can list either what Coronet parts you need or what you have to offer. For free.  Listing is under the headings either Wanted or Offered to keep it simple.  Please email pete@boleynworkshop.com

WANTED countershaft for Major (speed reduction wheel), end turning rest for Major aka bowl turning rest, this is in two parts and attaches to the left hand foot under the headstock.  Please contact Derek Pyatt at www.coronetwoodworking.co.uk

WANTED Coronet Imp replacement drive belt, needed for 80 yr old woodworker from the Netherlands.  Or advice for fabricating new, advice getting over this problem welcome.  Please contact pete@boleynworkshop.com

WANTED sanding table for Minor or for Major - please contact Mike at sstoplihpm@aol.com

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