Well here it is, a Boleyn Workshop New Year.  The first since this site was concieved all though there have been many others.  At some point I will remember when it first was that the natives were evicted and their village razed to the ground before slaughtering and eating their livestock, to make way for the foundations of the workshop.  Sound unreasonable?  Well they were in my garden and if it was alright for thousands of New World colonialists in the notso Middle Ages then its alright for me.  And after all it is my garden.  So what are the plans for the New Year?  First on the list has to be a new roof.  The recent period of ice and snow has really tested the already rusted fixings of the box profile sheets and also the mineral felted section on the right end. There are several new damp patches on the hardboard ceiling showing where fixings have failed and water is now entering the building which is unacceptable. I don't like mineral felt so the entire roof will be refixed with sheets.  There is local firm which supplies these so I will be measuring up and getting a quote.  It's also time for the annual inspection of the machinery which rarely happens but is a nice thought.  The timber store needs a new door, repainting and the roof refelting much in the same way it has for three years now.  In fact all the exteriors need a coat of paint which is planned for the Spring time and warmer weather.  The colours, as announced on the home page, will be in the popular retro West Ham sixties away strip.  Sky blue with claret hoops.
I am hoping to persuade Sir Trevor Brooking to unveil the refurbished workshop.