My diary entry for December 24th 2010 reads as follows:  Got up.  It's snowed!  Went outside to watch kids sledging down the road.  Fell over. End of diary entry for Dec 24th 2010.
Didn't do any major damge but it didn't half hurt.  Bore with it for two weeks before going to the local medicine woman.  She asked me to remove my shirt (wow, I thought, this is going better than I expected) and saw the name tattooed on my chest where I used to think my heart was (it isn't there but that's another story). Oh, she exclaimed, so J******'s causing you pain, is she?  I laughed to humour her in case she decided to get the latex glove out.  She then asked what I thought was causing the pain, very modern that.  Well, it's obvious, I said.  A broken piece of breast bone has pierced my lung.  Several minutes later she had recovered enough to tell me inbetween slight twitches at the side of her mouth that I had just torn some muscles either between my ribs or over my breast bone.  It's bound to be painful but it's not in the least bit dangerous, she said soothingly. Let's just hope you don't get a cough, she added helpfully. Yes let's hope, I thought between gritted ribs and went home.  To sum up the past three weeks I have only been up the Boleyn Workshop to get some screwdrivers.  Hardly the stuff of John Makepeace is it.  On the football front, a much changed Hammers side which was thrashed by Newcastle midweek failed to cruise past lower league oppo Barnsley but did scrape a two nil home win. Forest in the next round now, but next  I'm looking forward to a good win in the League Cup semi-final 1st leg at the Boleyn Ground on Tuesday night against Birmingham.  Hopefully they won't fall within minutes like I did on Christmas Eve morning.