It's not been a good start to the New Year full stop so end of.  However a glimmer of light soon came from my old friend Bernie who sold me my first Coronet Major some years ago now.  Would I be interested in a Coronet Consort?  Mmm, let's see.  Do bears shit in the wood?  I thought to myself.  Yes, of course they do so I replied with my declaration of interest.  I was only hoping for  a Consort to come up just before I drove halfway up the bloody country because I didn't know where Northampton was.  Logically Northampton should be near Southampton.  After all in Bournemouth, Northbourne is north of Southbourne and Westbourne is to the west although Eastbourne is over a hundred miles away in East Sussex.  Perhaps that should have given me a clue.  However the point is that as my requirements have changed so have my machines and I reckoned that the Consort was ideal at the present but settled for a Majorette that came up on *bay in the meanwhile.  This fine specimen had the sawtable, planer and morticer but no beltsander.  I now have quite a stock of Coronet machinery from which I shall create a maroon beast looking as if it came from the Island of Dr Moreau.  In the meantime I have to get the Minor and all the attachments up for sale but have been waiting for my camera to come back from the New Year's Eve party my daughter attended.  However there's probably more chance of meeting the pope.  It's the Minor featured on the rebuild page but I will create a fresh one purely for listing it all out and showing photos.  There are so many attachments I reckon it is the best collection I will have seen for sale.
I have been given fabrication plans for "Building a Top Bar Beehive by Philip Chandler" which look simple and very interesting.  Having been put off beekeeping by doing a beekeeping course (too technical and too heavy frames) this looks like a straightforward entry in to keeping bees.  But I must get that workshop tidy first.