It's about my camera again.  Two weeks after the warranty runs out so does its ability to function it seems.  Is it that hard to make something that works for more than 12 months?  After all they can put a man on the moon etc etc.  It's hard not to sound like an old git these days as I am fast becoming one.  Do the makers of these things not realise how they are contributing to my old githood?  Thoughtless I call it.  Unless it is part of some cunning southeast asian plan to turn England into a nation of whinging old gits.  Oh hang on...  Anyhow I have been waiting for nearly two months for it to be repaired and finally I get a call from Argos.  We're going to give you a new camera.  This is better than expected but my joy is shortlived as I can't remember where I put my picture card.  When I took the camera in I took it out and left it by the hamster cage.  He doesn't do a lot except eat and shit but he is good at looking after things and I can forgive him for being ginger.  What am I talking about of course he doesn't look after things he's just a hamster.  The point is that when I realised he couldn't be trusted to keep an eye on it I put it somewhere safe.  I think you know where I'm going with this. You could easily spot a roll of film or a cartridge, even better a 12x12 glass acetate plate.  Let's be honest you'd probably trip over one of those.  But a picture card?  They're bloody tiny.  So pictures of my WTJ780 wmon't be going up just yet.  BUT AT LEAST IT BLOODY WELL WORKS!!