Yes you read it right, don't mention the d-word.  Not in this house and especially not in front of me.  Two months of my life gone because of this word along with zero workshop time and the start of the football season.  Mind you the start of the Hammers season wasn't great even though it was on BBC1 which somehow makes it better. Even though it was a silly kick off time.  Now I always thought that Cardiff was in Wales so why was the 89th minute winner scored by a Scotsman?  Yes, Kenny Miller, I'm talking about you!  You ruined the first day of the football season for me even though I had already predicted in true OSP (Old School Pessimism) style that we would lose the game by one goal to nil in the final minutes as the score had been 0-0 for nearly all the game.  But that has nothing to do the d-word which had no bearing on the game whatsoever.  Mind you, can I hold it responsible for the stink in the Boleyn Workshop?  It smells like something has crept in there and died to be honest but it could just be the smell of neglect and resentment.  My machines are definitely sulking because I haven't been in touch for a while only the most fleeting of visits to collect a needed hand tool or material for the house.  How can I make them understand that I still care about them and that things will return to the way they were in a week or two?  Now I can't prove that my bandsaw deliberately snapped a blade on me when I was trimming down some kickboard but the motive was definitely there.  All because of the d-word.  However the d-word did not prevent me from recently making a pickup for Work Aid, a Singer treadle sewing machine in fine condition and with the original purchase reciept from 1942 if I remember correctly.  Fortunately, although no longer used, the elderly couple who were donating it had kept it inside their house and not in a damp outhouse or garage.  it was in fine condition. After they had loaded it for me I thanked the old lady who said, "well the children won't want it when we're gone" and then added poignantly, "they'll only take it all to the tip".  How fortunate then that this donation won't be ending up as landfill but will be heading to Africa and aiding some other human being to earn a living and support their family.  When will we realise that just because something is electric and faster it is not necessarily better? Hmm.  But back to the Workshop now.  Yes, the d-word is finished for the forseeable future.  Walls are coated with the lustre of Mountain Rain, skirting boards,door jambs and picture rails are shining in a way only a coating of trade paint can produce, ceilings are white again and fresh carpet lurks on every spare bit of floorspace.  You can probably work out  what the d-word entails by now, just don't mention it in my house and especially not in front of me.