...then it's good enough for me.  No, I'm not talking about that.  Absolutely not.  What I am talking about is Propoven.  What is that, you may ask, and what does it have to do with the Boleyn Workshop?  ( And the man Wacko Jacko himself?)  Well nothing really except that it might just have contributed to my return to the workbench.  It definitely contributed to his return to the afterlife by the way.  Only reason I'm mentioning is is because I was given it recently in a responsible fashion by a consultant anaethetist as conscious sedation before some pain relieving procedures.  I call this man "The Angel".  He is a godlike figure who roams the corridors of Dorsets county and cottage hospitals dispensing pain relief like it was a piece of battered haddock. (?)  I'm not sure there's not some roaming through my veins still to be honest.  However I am hoping that the results of these procedures will get me my tuesday and thursday (saturdays too) afternoons back in the workshop.  It is a mess in there at the moment and only some time in there sorting will put that right and I have decided to sell some machinery too.  The main reason is that I have changed the parameters of Boleyn Workshop time to dedicate more time to Workaid and Tools For Self Reliance.  I used to spend some time each week cleaning and restoring woodworking tools but obtaining them from the depot or a volunteer collector was a problem.  I have partly solved that by becoming a registered tool collector myself, Area Coordinator no less.  Also I have got to know another volunteer who refurbishes manual sewing machines and together we decided that I will be restoring  wooden tops of the treadle machine bases whilst he handles the working parts beneath.  Obviously I will need some space and general order in the Boleyn and this is the ideal incentive.   Maybe in a week or two I will be being delivered my first batch of work so watch this plaice.