..as they say.  And I'm not talking about our Boston Terriers rear end emissions.  That is without any doubt, an ill wind.  No I'm referring to the Saturday afternoon debacle which saw me break both a gouging chisel and a tool rest.  If that hadn't happened then the converted lathe/sander would not now be bolted securely to the workbench and serving as a dual purpose item of machinery.  It now works as a disc sander with table and also as a short bed roughing out lathe.  It can take a log approx 10" in diameter and approx 12" long either to be roughed out and finished or transferred on to the Coronet Minor as a smooth cylinder for finishing.  If only the same could be said about West Ham.  The ill winds blowing through the Boleyn Stadium have been doing so for some time now and are only blowing any good to the opponents.  We have gone from an "inept Italian" to an "inept Israeli".  How many more nationalities beginning with the letter "i" to we have to go through?  Inept Iranian. Inept Iraqi. You see where I'm going with this? The comic duo Gold and Sullivan with their beautiful assistante Karen Brady seem intent on making the club a laughing stock.  They're going to get us a new stadium with a RUNNING TRACK  around the inside.  Goodbye atmosphere, what's left of it.  The sackfaced Grant appears not to care what happens and why should a man with a four year contract care.  Because this is West Ham that's why.  All the club has left at the moment is its fans and its history and without those you are truly nothing.  Nonleague football as an alternative has never seemed such a  good prospect.  I'm off now as an ill wind is blowing my way from the direction of the dog.