Regular visitors to this site (yeah hello mum) will notice that there hasn't been a blog since March.  Want to know why? Because of this modern technology.  Or rather some anonymous sociopathic loner.  Because of some probably obese and spotty micro-penised individual who thinks it funny to unleash the sort of virus that attacks unknown peoples home computers and posts pictures previously only witnessed by the most unfortunate of gynaecologists.  Not to mention the prawn, you know what I mean.  Hetero prawn, gay prawn, every known combination prawn known to man.  And I don't want it in my house thank you. Then there's the internet connection. It works.  It doesn't work.  It works. It doesn't work...  It's just not funny.  Meanwhile in my workshop, my 60 year old drill has kept drilling,  my 90 year old saw has kept sawing.  What would you rather rely on in an emergency?  And then there was the World Cup.  Even my old tools took second place to the 14th World Cup competition in South Africa.  Foolish enough to have been born English I was soon sulking though I won't go on about it.  Let's just say that come next season  Englands Premiership stars will be as welcome as a Cumberland sausage at a barmitzvah. With a distant family connection to Egypt I could have switched allegiance to the nation of pyramid builders and camel racers but unfortunately they hadn't qualified this time.  Fortunately though I married into the great footballing nation of Spain who won it in extra time despite being kicked to Wigan and back by the former innovators of total football. The Dutch. I for one will never eat Edam again.
So what's been going on in the Boleyn Workshop since March.  Well not a bloody lot to be honest.  Though I did rescue a Walker Turner table saw from Portishead via ebay.  I thought I had lost it due to the pc (booo!) crashing during bidding.  Though luckily as it hadn't sold despite two listings the seller contacted me and offered it to me for the starting bid of £4.99.  As you could guess I practically bit his hand off, up to the elbow in fact.  It has two factory table extensions.  I am in Walker Turner heaven.  From the picture it looks just like a picture of rusty scrap metal.  They say the camera never lies.  I haven't given it the once over yet, I'm saving that for a rainy day.  Where are we, July?  Shouldn't be long then.