No, that's not a spelling mistake.  My Would Store is exactly what it is.  Meaning that I 'Would' get in my 'Wood Store' if only I bloody well could.  It's not down to the shanty townlike surroundings, the rubber tyre dangling from a rope in front of the door, it's not down to the rusty hinges or the steadily collapsing door itself.  It's not down to the bees that have moved in to the roof of the Boleyn Workshop opposite and are buzzing around like they own the place.  No, the reason I can't get in to my wood store is because it's full of wood.  But this is no ordinary wood.  This is wood that almost certainly will be used one day.  It's the sort of wood that is too good to be burnt or thrown away yet not quite what I'm looking for at the moment.  Sound familiar?  Well it ought to!  All good blokes have wood like this.  I have seen many such stores of wood and have never seen a useless piece of wood in one of them.  But this kind of store has it's problems, the main one being that you can't get in it.  I have manged to lose a 110v transformer between the Boleyn Workshop and my Would Store.  How is that possible?  Have you seen the size and weight of one?  It won't have got blown away that's for sure so where is it.  If I was going to make an inventory of the store it would include things like: two old oak chairs from the local towns cricket club (thanks Chris), a long teak chair leg from the man I bought the Coronet Imp off of (thanks Derek), four oak table legs from my next door neighbours mums kitchen (thanks Pete), some pine t+g planks left over from the cabin (could make a nice little box with them), some mahogany panelling from an important bank in Bournemouth (thanks Clifford), a homemade mdf storage cabinet no longer required in the house (I spent hours making that so I ain't going to burn it), some 3/4" ply  offcuts from my brother to make a saw bench for the Walker Turner bench saw (thanks Dave) and  not to mention the stuff that has just drifted in there over the years.  Although I can't get in there at the moment, I 'wood' if I blooming well could.  How about this for a little tongue twister, how much wood could a woodturner turn, if a woodturner could only get in his wood store! Well, the way I see it is that it's there if I want it.  And that is good enough for me.  Below, that's the 'Would Store' on the right.  I don't know the little shantytown dweller on the tyre.