My appeal for financial aid to the clubs new owners clealy fell on deaf ears, that is, if it fell on any ears at all.  Only this week I recieved an email from the club pleading with me to attend games, buy some merchandise or at least use my WHUFC credit card from which they get a tiny commisssion from each transaction.  Why are they asking me?  Cheeky bastards.  There are at least 22 millionaires on the clubs books, eleven or so of who get to live my dream by running out on the pitch for the club every weekend. Not forgetting subs used or unused.  The personal fortune of Messrs G+S is estimated at £300 mill.  And then there's me on my disability pension...  Mmm let's see,  OMG m8, as  they say these days, how could I have been so selfish.  Changing the subject a little so what's been going on the Boleyn Workshop?  Well not a bloody lot to be honest.  The repair jobs are piling up, I lost some specialist hinges I had eventually acquired for a small oak dropleaf table but at least the sound system has been pumping out the latest dub collection as efficiently as ever.  Not forgetting Bad Man or I'm not a Fool when the mood takes me.  Which is pretty often at the moment.  Lack of success at the club doesn't affect me like it used to.  There is not the sulking of old, life experiences have put things in perspective.  And besides, being West Ham is for life.