Yes, you read it right.  On the beach and not on the bench. I have been away from the Boleyn Workshop for a week in delightful Devon, it was a long painful break but I coped.  Something to do with the cream teas in Ringmore WI Hall perhaps or maybe the chips in Kingsbridge.  Salcombe had an excellent bakery and proper butchers who I can only salute.  Modbury didn't have any mods but the finest clotted cream from an old fashioned deli on the High Street.  You'd think I was obsessed with food but no, you would be wrong.  For in amongst the football themed tee shirts, Spain 2010 swimming shorts and flip flops I had smuggled a clear plastic A4 wallet in which were the technical drawings for the Walker Turner scroll saw and table saw.  The long rainy days and the longer rainy evenings afforded plenty of time to peruse the lines of the machines and read in a hushed voice (in my own head obviously) the mechanical details.  First thing I noticed was that the scroll saw in the drawings was built with a direct drive motor unlike mine which obviously has a pulley wheel and the mountings for an electric motor on the base.  So is mine actually the J780 or a later model?  I'm probably the only person who cares but I will have to investigate nonetheless.  Lastly while I was away someone left a rather poignant email message asking for advice on how to sell their late husbands Coronet Imp Bandsaw.  He was apparently very fond of it and "would have liked to have taken it with him."  I had an immediate connection with this person as on several previous times I had bought somebodys beloved tools directly from a grieving family and so understood some of the importance of the process.  I sincerely hope they can find a buyer who will appreciate this fine old machine.  One family I met did not want their beloveds tools just dumped in a charity shop or worse still in their eyes, the collection broken up and pawed over in car boot sales.  They wanted Bills tools to stay together and they have in my workshop, yet do I really own them?  I feel that I am just caring for them and using them until someone else needs them. I understand the concept of 'Bills tools'.  For instance my own tools are my most valuable possessions.  (For the record, I don't feel that I own my family)  I don't have fancy jewellery barring my all important wedding ring, I don't own my own car or any designer clothing.  I have lavished care and attention on my machines and the finish on them is mine.  They run sweetly because I have shown care for every single nut bolt and washer.  I am proud of them.  Without my care they would have been scrapped or buried in landfill.  They are my achievement and my legacy.  And I would want them to go to someone who would appreciate just that.  And just for the record whilst on holiday I went in the sea a lot.