The Walker Turner table saw from Portishead is up on the workbench for first inspection.  The saw table itself and the extensions are basically sound and just need a good clean and a getting rid of the surface rust.  They are put away for a rainy Saturday afternoon in the football season when Weymouth Town FC are away.  It will be just them, me and a bottle of WD40.  Let me tell you it will get pretty steamy in there.  A quick wipedown reveals the patent number on the cast iron base, 2,008,673 and internet search of the US Patents Office brings me the application and technical drawings for this machine.  The application date was March 7th 1934 and it was eventually patented on July 23rd 1935.  The drawings confirm my wildest dreams that this is in fact an entire machine and not just a box of cast iron and nuts and bolts.  Actually there wasn,t even a box when I collected.  My machine differs slightly from the drawings in one way at least, the main one being that there is no dust extraction outlet on mine.  Clearly this was a luxury in the austere 1930s.  Anyhow now the 2010 World Cup has finished there will be a lot less distraction for the Boleyn workshop projects to steam ahead merrily although the fortnightly trips to watch Weymouth Town play will encroach on valuable workshop time.  And lastly why has my 11 month old camera stoppped working while an eighty year old scroll saw is sitting on my workshop floor just raring to go?  Yeah technology my arse.