This isn’t to do with the workshop per se (check me out!) but as the crime was perpetrated within two yards of it I think it comes loosely under the apron.  To be honest the revenge was already taken before I discovered my freshly planted runner bean plants razored to the ground on return from a short break.  Sunflower plants just plain missing from three inches above the ground.  It seems my vegetable garden had been treated like a common buffet. Now I’m no Mr McGregor but this was out of order.  So unmeditated, unknowing revenge. Is it possible?  Oh yes.  Not only three days before I had been sat in front of a fully loaded buffet with meat dishes of international  flavour and design.  Beef, chicken, fish and wait for it…rabbit. Rabbit no less!  Ok you furry little bastard, I thought, I’m having some of you.  Now I loved my pet rabbits when I was a child, I mean I loved ‘em man!  Rabbit funerals? Let me tell you I’ve been there and unless you were on the grave, copious weeping, mourners, the lot.  But I also knew how damn tasty they were and by this occasion I had not eaten Watership Down cast members for over twenty five years so I tucked in. This was good rabbit stew too not your traditional English rabbit stew, more of a casserole perhaps but good nonetheless. It was like meeting a longlost friend. It brought back memories of building site canteens, travelling men with gold earrings and blue tattoos, chopped rabbit and onions, a bubbling stewpot steaming up the windows and the casual banter of men comfortable with themselves and their lives.  And a young me leaning on the canteen counter watching and listening, learning.   A few days later as we drove home at night our headlights shone on the little beasts casually and shamelessly munching on the roadside verges of the West Country I called out to them.  “Your mate was delicious!”  And laughed but it was a hollow laugh as it turned out.  For little did I know that one of their Southern cousins had already committed a crime against gardening and in my back yard too.   Now I don’t know which came first out of mine and this rabbits buffet meal but let me tell you my revenge was better somehow and above all else it was rabbit flavoured.