It was inevitable really.  Let's just say it's been on the cards for a while.  Size does matter and that is why the Boleyn Workshop is once again home to a Coronet Major.  Really it was only a matter of time before one came up within collection distance and at a good price.  The rare speed reduction pulley system had nothing to do with my decision, ok I lied about that.  I cannot disrespect my Coronet Minor. It has everything, above all else it is a fine collection. It turns, it saws, it mortises, it moulds, planes, thickenesses and grinds.  It rotates, it drills, it rebates and has more chucks than a Canadian ice hockey team.  It trims, nips and tucks.  It could probably perform several routine NHS procedures.  It even trundles along on it’s own homemade dolley with effortless manouverability. It has more paperwork than a local council job application.  So why say goodbye?  Well, I miss the rebated slot on the bed bar of the Major.  It is simply superior to visual alignment and the clamp and trust method.  There, I said it.

Now the Minor has to be sold though I have not completed all the restoration I had wanted to.  The workshop is quite frankly a tip at the moment but a couple of afternoons graft will put that right and the Major can be installed.  I shall be looking for a saw table and a planer/thicknesser to start with so will have to start scouring the dreaded *bay for ones within striking distance.

Maybe in the New Year I will even start on the Boleyn Workshop refurbishment scheme now that the proposed move to the Olympic Workshop has been scuppered. But just like my dreams etc