Yes, they're down but it's happened before and we remained West Ham.  This time though, like my workshop, there needs to be a clean sweep made and some positive leadership installed.  Is it possible for a football team to be un-led?  Misled even?  After Agent Zola was unmasked and dismissed it seems Agent Avram was installed by the West London (non)rivals until his well overdue dismissal at Wigan.  It's like the Cold War all over again except the East is being infiltrated by the West and it's time it stopped.  End of.  Now, on with the proper stuff.  What I enjoy about meeting other Coronet owners is that it is always a pleasure to find another nutter, oops I mean another lover of classic machinery, because that's what it is to us.  Solid and well engineered it is a bittersweet experience to view.  Sweet because of the mechanical beauty of its design yet bitter because of the lost industry that built these and many others.  We know what we like and we understand each other.  Today I met a local-ish man who had bought a manual copy through this website and was only too happy to meet and show off his machine.  This particular one was forty-three years old.  Like many of these machines it had been sold by the family of a deceased relative and had sat around quietly rusting for some time.  It has a good selection of the basic attachments and bar having to replace the drive belt, it is as ready for work as it was over forty years ago.  Derek had owned one some years previously but had sold it during a house move as there wasn't the space for it.  He is delighted to be reacquainted with a Coronet machine and has already knocked out the slats for a garden bench which looks great.  Speaking of gardens, the Boleyn Workshop has not been a hive of activity lately.  Major alterations to the Chicken Run and vegetable garden have taken all the available time and effort though mine has been a mostly supervisory role.  The workshop has filled up with garden stuff while the greenhouses are being rebuilt and also some things that look suspiciously not like mine.  These will be investigated and returned to the house under cover of darkness if found guilty.  The Boleyn Workshop remains a premier league workshop despite all the clutter and hopefully all surplus baggage will soon be removed as it needs to be from the West Ham dressing room.  But I'm looking forward to more games, more 3pm kickoffs and no agents of sabotage from the direction of West London.  And I'm also hoping to pick up a bargain or two in the summer.  There will be no fire sale in the Boleyn Workshop.