I spent a few hours in the workshop yesterday evening.  Got the stove going and turned to the heartbeat of the office, my stereo. My neighbour gave it to me. It is a big Aiwa stack system with record deck, tape, redio and cd.  It has these surround sound speakers which blast out the dub or punk which ever mood I'm in. It works for both.  Another set of speakers in the workshop mean however loud the machines are, Jimmy Cliff overrides everything.  Imagine my surprise when I slide in a bit of Desmond Dekker and nothing happens!  As the kids these days say, OMG m8!!  Nothing but an 'error' message on the lcd.  It's happened before on a previous stereo, the damp seems to get into them and mist up the laser bit so it can't read the cd.  Or something like that, I'm only guessing.  Desmond Dekker would be singing "You can get it if you really want" but right now, I can't.  Luckily the record deck comes to the rescue and I blast out 'Babylons Burning' instead.  Yeah take that cd player.  However this is only a short term fix and I need that cd working to avert a workshop crisis.  (Yes, in some ways I am only 14 years old still)  Will update.