Not a bad Sunday really.  A rare lie in, invitation for a traditional roast at the wifes sisters, blue skies at last, and only the anxiety of the Hammers being away to Villa.  Hmm, the one thirty kickoff clashes with the roast.  Damn Sky Sports and their damn schedule.  However a quick text to my son gets the promise of regular text updates.  So throughout lunch...beep!  Hey Dad, our passing is poor....beep! HT 0-0...beep! Parker off for Diamanti... ("Seconds,Pete?" "Oh yes please")  beep! Villa goal disallowed...beep!  We're hanging on!...(Pudding?" "Oh yes please")  beep! FT 0-0...You get the idea and you have to admire this technology sometimes. At this rate I will soon be dragged in to the 1970s. On our return I'm off to the workshop to try the stereo again. I left the system turned on overnight and today in attempt to warm it up and demist what I believe is misting up the clever bit.  And maybe the warmth from the stove yesterday evening may have helped.  As I unlock the door I glare in through the window at the stereo and I swear it's blushing in embarassment, it knows it let me down yesterday evening. I enter and step up to the stereo and stare it manfully in the lcd. I reach out and prod the play button forcefully.  And this time it works and Burning Spear start to pump out of the speakers, did I mention I had four?.  I bang it up for the neighbours and the horses in the field over the track to enjoy before going back to the house.  Now that's what I call a result, and more importantly the boys got a point at Villa.  Now that's what I call averting a crisis.