Coronet advertising (magazines and newspapers)

There is a fair amount out there still if you can find it.   I have found some pieces which I have scanned and posted here for general interest.  I honestly thought I had put them in chronological order so am doing it again bit by bit.  Sometimes a kind reader sends in an example which I try to attribute where I can.   Many thanks in particular to Ray of Stoke-on-Trent who kindly allowed me to copy three Coronet Major information sheets (see below) that were in his possession.  And not once but twice as I messed up the first scans.  Please send in anything Coronet related either in pdf form or actual paper copy which I can send back by return post. 

First up and deservedly so as it is the earliest I've ever seen comes this advert from Model Engineer magazine vol 96 no 2387 dated Thursday February 6th 1947.  This was found and very kindly scanned and sent in by Dave Wood.  Thanks Dave this is an outstanding contribution and may well be the earliest advert Coronet put out.

There was no date on this one below when I bought it but it seems very similar to the one above though the motor plate is very different.

I don't have a date for the one below but by looking at the design I think it belongs about here.
Martin from South Yorkshire sent in this superb piece on the early Coronet Major.  It was featured in a Garner Tools (of Barnsley) advert in the Woodworking magazine 1951.  Many thanks for sending it in.
Also from Garners Tool News and from around this time period comes this fine Coronet Major review edition.  It was sent in by Paul Stanley who found it in his desk while looking for something else.  He kindly thought of the Boleyn Workshop and took the time to scan it into a pdf and send it in along with another couple of bits which will appear elsewhere.  Many thanks Paul.  (scroll down for Minorette info sheet)
Major review .pdf Major review .pdf
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Type : pdf
From the Woodworker magazine May 1952 edition comes the Major still on Parade.
From the Woodworker August 1953 edition the Coronet Home Cabinetmaker
The Woodworker August 1953 this ad asks why wait?  And why wait indeed.  Trouble is I won't be born for another ten years.
The Woodworker September 1955 gives up the 12 in 1 Universal Woodworker
From the Practical Home Money Maker October 1957 which was missing it's front cover comes the advert below which hasn't scanned and cleaned up too bad considering it is now 61 years old.  It describes the Minorette as a boon to all flat dwellers but probably not to those dwelling in the flat below.
The Woodworker Jan 1958 this ad is "calling all woodworkers".  When I read this I get an image of Charles Parker hunched over his desk with microphone in hand, headset perched above that kindly face  reaching out over the airwaves to sheds, workshops and kitchen tables everywhere.   Calling all woodworkers.  We have a machine for you.
The Woodworker February 1958 edition and the Minorette Power Unit.
The Woodworker July 1958 edition shows off the Minorette Univeral Woodworker
This one is from 1958 and so you know of one?
I can only quote "if not (then) why not".

From the January 1960 edition of the Woodworker comes an advert for the Minorette whose cash price comes in at at £39. 17s. 6p. ...

...but eleven months later in the November issue the price has risen to £43. 17. 6.  Three quid in less than a year.

From the Woodworker February 1962 comes this ad for an improved design.. 

Below is an advert from 1965 that needs some sharpening up.

This next one was recently sent in by Davey from Cornwall.  Dated May 1967 and from Practical Woodworking it is a great addition to this section and exactly what I'm looking for, many thanks.

From a Parrys catalogue of pre-decimal days costing 5/- comes this full pager for the Classic and Capitol bandsaw.  Thanks to this mod tech we can see the machines better than before although in b/w.

From the same catalogue... 

The one below speaks for itself.  Yes it is amazing I agree.

No denying that, "the amazing Minorette," hits the nail on the head.  Probably the only thing it doesn't do in real life.  Not sure where that came from but it needs re-scanning and cleaning. I've had a go at cleaning it without much success so if I can find the original (haha) then I will re-scan it.

Ray from Stoke on Trent kindly sent in three flyers that came with a Coronet Major lathe he bought.  He allowed me to scan and upload them to the site before returning them to him. In fact he did this twice as the first time I did the scans at too high a resolution. Timewise these are obviously after 1976 as the colour has changed to blue if not green when looking at the Coronet Major which would suggest the takeover by Record Power.  Some similar ones in a batch that arrived recently and are yet to be added were dated approx 1982/83.  Thanks Ray, they are a great addition to the site.   
The two shown below need to be relocated in my archive and rescanned now that the technology has moved on a bit.

12 in 1 or 10 in one?  Make your minds up. 

Ok so it's a 10 in 1. Glad that's cleared up then.

Also from Paul Taylor (see above Major review) comes this glorious Minorette information sheet in glorious technicolour.  Thanks again Paul.
Minorette info sheet.pdf Minorette info sheet.pdf
Size : 10278.976 Kb
Type : pdf

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