Coronet Classic 10 bandsaw

Here for the first time in the Boleyn Workshop I am very pleased to announce the addition of the Coronet Classic 10 bandsaw page.  I was contacted by Arthur Robb, a Luthier whose details are below.  He had obtained his machine in about 1977 when he won it in a sealed bid auction from Corsham Court College when it closed a workshop.  He has been using it in his workshop ever since.   The pictures are excellent quality and I have decided to post them individually rather than in a gallery so that they can be viewed for the best effect.

Here are Arthurs's details:

Arthur Robb - Luthier   email:   website:

Arthur supplied a link to a youtube video showing the Classic 10 being used to construct a Rennaissance lute. I was abso-lute-ly (sorry) enthralled watching this 8 minute video with its evocative soundtrack.  Please use the link below.

Thanks very much Art, for a particularly valuable contribution to the Boleyn Workshop website.

And here is another Classic 10" sent in by David, a green woodworker who has just acquired it.  He is going to run it for a while before deciding to renovate and restore.  He is very happy with it so far the only issue being some slight play in the top wheel.  Thanks David it's great to have another Classic 10" on the site.
Here's a picture of one I forgot I had.  I think it is posted in one of the Readers Machines pages but which one I can't remember.  This one resides in Sweden and is very attached to a Coronet Major.  What a handsome couple.
And finally...a Classic 10 arrives at the Boleyn Workshop.  I was contacted through the website, negotiated a price and collected as soon as possible.  I am over the moon Brian.  Check out the gallery below.

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