Coronet Elf

GREAT NEWS:  A manual for the Coronet Elf is now available from Derek Pyatt of  Please use the link below if you want to purchase one.

Steves Coronet Elf. 

Here are some pics sent in by Steve of his Coronet Elf.  They were sent in April along with a pdf of the manual but I have only just been able to post them.  And in a gallery too.

Thanks Steve, your detailed pics are a great addition to the site and our first Elf. Doesn't sound quite right that somehow.

Finally another one.  Chris from Cheshire sent in pictures of his tidy little machine which he purchased for £140.  It came with a 48" bed which proved too large for his workshop so with the help of Derek Pyatt and Ed from Blackpool he fitted the more suitable 36".  Note the bowl turning rest as featured in the b/w catalogue photo above.

As Chris said in his email, we made some lovely stuff in England in the 1970s didn't we.  I couldn't have put it better myself and I'm sure there are many who would agree with you.  Many thanks for sending in the pictures Chris.  Also posted in Yet More Readers Machines.

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