Coronet Hobby lathe

I had not seen or heard of this lathe before this very complete one turned up on an online auction site.  After speaking with Derek Pyatt I am able to offer the following information.  This three speed hobby lathe was produced by Coronet in the 1970s in attempt to capture a part of the home hobby lathe market.  Designed and built to Coronet's usual exacting standards it sold several thousand but appears for sale very rarely.  As I mentioned above this example turned up on an online auction site at the end of 2020 and I lifted the photos to feature it here on the website.  Fortunately amongst the items listed  was an information sheet giving all the specifications of the lathe so we can enjoy them today.  The lathe is missing a motor but Derek tells me this would have been attached by means of a flange mounting. 
And a couple weeks later another one turns up this time with a motor and a full set of decals.

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