Coronet Major General
Why not kick off this new page with a picture of a proud owner of one of these machines?  This is Dave Coates of Devizes, Wiltshire who invited me to view his machine which I did in August 2018.
On my arrival Dave and his wife welcomed me into their home and one of the first gestures Dave made was to offer me a fine oak platter finished with incandescent paint that was one of a trio on show in his living room.  After a warm Wiltshire welcome we moved outside to the workshop where Dave unlocked the door to reveal the classic machine inside.  Please view the gallery below.  I had taken my ipad to use as a camera and with hindsight this was the wrong decision as the photos simply do not do the machine justice.  On the bright side this does mean a return visit in the future suitably prepared this time to capture this Major General in all its maroon glory.

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