Coronet Major 

GREAT NEWS: A manual for the Coronet Major is available from Derek Pyatt of  Please follow the link below if you want to purchase one but note that it is cheaper to buy them through Derek himself thereby doing away with sellers fees and paypals cut.

This Major shows the belt driven speed reduction system as opposed to the fitted gearbox on the motor.  I was going to add a saw table and planer until the Majorette turned up.  This is the *baysellers pic so not the best quality.

More text and photos to follow.  Meanwhile there are more Majors in Readers Machines and More Readers Machines

Also in blue (models post 1976) 

My first Major.  I bought this from a smashing bloke called Bernie who I am still in touch with.  We exchange Christmas cards.

Above you can see the saw table with its rise and fall mechanism.  It sits to the left of the headstock and the blade is mounted on the other end of the spindle.  I found it was a good idea to remove the saw blade when using the spindle for woodturning as I tended to lean on the table forgetting that the blade was spinning.  It was so quiet that you hardly knew it was there and several ripped sleeves (not forearms thank goodness) later it became a good idea. To the left of the table the planing attachment is mounted.  This one was sold to a timber mill foreman from Somerset who was buying a machine to store for his retirement.  Possibly the safest investment of the early 21st Century.  I have to be honest and say that I wish I had never sold it. 

I felt oblige to rescue this one below from  ***y.  It was being kept outside in a lean-to garage under half a piece  of plastic.  If it had been a dog the owner would have been in serious trouble with the authorities.   It was heavily rusted but not beyond saving.  I was actually after the large chuck and the rare bowl turning attachment and stand but it turned out the spindle thread on this model was not the 3/4" x 16tpi of my first Major but the earlier 7/8" x 16tpi.  And also my original Major did not have the facility for attaching the bowl turning attachment stand due to the original style flaired style feet.

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