Coronet Majorette 

This is the latest addition to the Boleyn Workshop, a '63 Majorette.  It is in sound running order with all the usual dents and scratches that machines this age  come with. After being put up for sale during a garage clearout I bought it from a Mr Michael Poore from Corby in Northamptonshire who informed me that it had been in his family since the 1960s.  He also told me how his illustrious mother had purchased it from a joiners shop to occupy himself and his brothers.  Clearly a lady of taste, well done to Mrs Poore for introducing her lads to one of the finer things in life, top quality woodworking machinery.  Mick later sent down to me the arbour for the grindstone and guard which he had been unable to locate at the time.

Several months after collection I got an email from Mick saying that he had finally cleared the rest of his garage, some task that looked too, and found some missing parts of the Majorette and would I like them.  He sent them on to me and they turned out to be a set of hold down springs, a spare motor plate and the missing short tool rest and saddle.  Top fella.  

Here is another Majorette sent in by Edmund who works his magic from a home workshop in Blackpool.  He rescued this machine from it's abandonment in a garage many years ago.  I have to say that I like his work and hopefully you will too.  Note the replacement belt guard in the last photo on the right.  Thanks for the input Edmund.
This Majorette below belonging to Kevin Cook was lurking in a workshop not ten miles away from me in North Dorset.  It is a regularly used machine and kept in a good clean condition under the sawdust.
Thanks Kevin for the opportunity to record your classic machine for Boleyn Workshop posterity.

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