Machines I'd Like to Fix 

Well what did you think it meant?  Honestly, you lot disgust me sometimes.  This little beauty below was just crying out to be taken home and given a good seeing to.  With a wire brush of course.  Unfortunately I couldn't persuade her to leave the shop window I found her in.

This one was crying out for one too.  An unknown make probably Chinese or Indian so could I get away with calling it a pilau drill?  Probably not.  Either way she is definitely an Asian babe still drilling away in this metalwork shop in Meghauli, Nepal.  I could have took her home for 150 rupees and £550 for the plane ticket.  Sadly out of my league but would I?  Oh yeah!

Everyone loves a bit of mature or is just me?  You would have to be careful not to get a virus from this Corona.  I met this MILF on f###book marketplace and could have took her home for £130 except I just never need to drill three holes at once.  Shame, we could have been very happy together in a semi-permanent threeway..

Now I'm not one to boast but I could have had both of these MILFS below at the same time for only a few hundred Egyptian pounds.  They were hanging around the Nile cruiser dock in Luxor when we disembarked clearly looking for some innuendo.  Well I would certainly have given them both one.

One of them is a Deutz Fahr and if I hadn't had my finger over the camera lens I could prove it.  I worked at the Deutz Fahr Ersatzteilefabrik in Gottmadingen, West Germany for a time in 1979 so it's quite possible I sent them the wrong spares for this exact machine. 

A more exotic MILF for your personal attention.
Take it from me that this little beauty loves to suck...and that's because she's a centrifugal sand pump in the Indian Ocean.  Whatever floats your boat and all that.

I've always fancied a go on twin MILFS and look what came up on holiday.  Whilst technically not machines I'd like to fix they are a cracking pair that I would like to clamber aboard nonetheless.  In fact they are a pair of pontoon mounted pumping stations that would make great side by side workshops with potential for converting that pipework into a powerful dust extraction system.  Would I?  Oh yes!  But then I would, wouldn't I.

At the risk of getting a reputation for hanging around Luxor docks here's a little cutie I found this year desperately in need of a good servicing.  And yes of course I would give it one.

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