Technical stuff.

A page dedicated to readers designs and fabrications they have thought up to keep their Coronet machines running at maximum woodworking capacity.  This was first suggested by Vin whose Coronet Major is featured in Even More Readers Machines  

He provides the first article on the fabrication of a collar needed for fastening the planer to the extension arm.  Unusable without one!  Thanks Vin and it goes without saying that other articles are welcome from all readers subject to relevance and suitability.
Coronet_Major_article.pdf Coronet_Major_article.pdf
Size : 993.346 Kb
Type : pdf
Next is an article describing the changing of bearings in the Major planing attachment.  Thanks Vin.
Major Planer_bearings.pdf Major Planer_bearings.pdf
Size : 2549.141 Kb
Type : pdf
An article on setting up the blades on a Coronet Major planing attachment
Planer_blade_set_up.pdf Planer_blade_set_up.pdf
Size : 1039.828 Kb
Type : pdf

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